Straw-Colored Fruit Bat

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African Animals, Bats, Chiroptera,  Eidolon helvum, Straw-Colored Fruit Bat

Scientific Name: Eidolon helvum
Common Name: Straw-Colour Fruit Bat
Description: Wings black; back hair pale and tawny; males' ruff generally bright orange
Difference in Sex:
Size: wingspan. 50 to 54 cm 
Weight: 230 grams and sometimes heavier
Habitat: forest, especially tall trees in Sub-Saharan Africa
Habits: nocturnal, leaves roost as darkness falls but will flies in daylight when disturbed, very strong; can fly long distance and roost in colonies of up to 100000 individuals
Main feeding time: nocturnal
Number of young at birth: 1 young between December to February
Diet: fruit, nectar
Interesting facts: