Rodrigues Flying Fox

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African Animals, Bats, Chiroptera, Pteropus rodricensis, Rodrigues Flying Fox

Scientific Name: Pteropus rodricensis
Common Name: Rodrigues Flying Fox
Description: Colour: black to silver, yellow, orange and red, good sense of smell. Eyes large with good sight 
Difference in Sex:
Size:  up to 71 cm wingspan
Weight:  up to 18 oz
Habitat: mixed forest with large mature trees; small area of Rodrigues island (western Indian Ocean)
Habits:  do not use Echolocation, live in large colonies, dominant males defend territories; males may have several females in their territory
Iinfants tolerated; juvenile males live on the edge
Main feeding time: nocturnal
Gestation: 5 months
Number of young at birth: 1 young, during October to  December
Age: About 20 years
Diet:  fruit, nectar, probably foliage, mangoes, figs and tamarind pods
Interesting facts: