Egyptian Fruit Bat

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African Animals, Bats, Chiroptera, Egyptian Fruit Bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus

Scientific Name: Rousettus aegyptiacus
Common Name: Egyptian Fruit Bat
Description: drab brown
Difference in Sex: Males substantially larger than females
Size:  Head/Body Length: 9 - 17 cm
Tail: .10 mm to 21mm
Weight:  82 - 169 grams.
Habitat: Variety of habitats, lowlands to mountains; Turkey and Cyprus to Pakistan, Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and most of Africa south of Sahara.
Habits:  Migration: may make limited seasonal migrations, use echolocation, when flying in darkness utter high-pitched buzzing .
Roost in caves in colonies as large as 9,000, fighting common when roosting together.
Main feeding time: nocturnal
Gestation: 4 months
Number of young at birth: 1, rarely twins, during October through December. Females carry young at first then leave at roost
Age: about 21 years
Diet:  fruit juices; flower nectar
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