African Golden Cat (Profelis aurata)

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Scientific Name: Profelis aurata 
Common Name: African Golden Cat 
Distribution: West and Central Africa, Ivory Coast, Uganda
Description: The African Golden Cat is a medium sized cat and can grow to 90cm in body length and weigh up to 18kg. Although its name implies a golden coloured coat the golden cat is polymorphic - its base coat coloration varies extensively depending on its location -ranging from a golden/reddish brown to slate/silver grey. 
Difference in Sex:
Average Weight of Adult male: 11-14 kg
Habitat: The primary habitat of the golden cat appears to be the Tropical Rain Forest belt which traverses the African equator, however penetration into the adjoining tropical Dry Forests and Savannah scrub is also in evidence.
Main feeding time: active during daylight hours
Size: Body Length 720-940mm
Gestation: approximately 75 days
Number of young at birth: 1-2 young 
Diet: rodents, tree hyraxes and birds and sometimes small monkeys
Interesting facts: