Addax antelope (Addax nasomaculatus)

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Addax Antelope of North Africa

Scientific Name: Addax nasomaculatus 
Common Name: Addax antelope
Description: both sexes have horns, mat of brown hair on forehead, rest of body gray-white 
Difference in Sex:
Weight : 60 to 125 kg 
Habitat: Desert, semi-desert regions in north Africa. Very few left in the wild, as they being hunted to extinction.
Main feeding time:
Size: height: 95 to 115 cm; head and body length 150 to 170 cm 
Gestation: 257 to 264 days 
Number of young at birth:
Age: up to 20 years 
Diet: desert succulents, grasses and herbs, leaves of small bushes 
Interesting facts: Addax possess broad, flat hooves with flat soles that help prevent them from sinking into the desert sand.
These desert antelopes' coat colour changes from dark gray-brown in winter to white in the summer.
Addax will dig depressions in the sand in which to rest. These are often located partly underneath boulders that give shade and protection from the wind and sun. They rarely drink since they are able to get most of the water they need from the plants they eat.