Aardwolf (Proteles cristatus), seen at the Salvadora waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Scientific Name: Proteles cristatus

Common name: Aardwolf

Description: The colour of the body varies from yellow-brown to dull yellow, with approximately five distinct vertical black stripes on the flanks and some on the legs. It has a long, dark-tipped mane on the back which bristles when the animal is frightened. The snout and lower parts of the legs are black.

The ears stand erect and are pointed. The tail is bushy with a black tip. The Aardwolf is smaller than both the hyenas, with a lighter colour than the Brown Hyena and lacking the spots of the Spotted Hyena

Difference in Sex:

Average Weight of Adult male: 9 kg

Habitat: Very wide habitat, rely on availability of food

Habits: Solitary

Main feeding time: Night

Size: about 52 cm at shoulder

Gestation: 3 months

Number of young at birth: 2 to 4 cubs

Communication: Bark and growls

Age: 13 years

Diet: Termites and insects.

Enemies: Leopard, lion, hyena.

Interesting facts: Quite often farmers shoot them out of ignorance, as they do not know that the Aardwolf is not a predador.

Credits: Christian Fourie.