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The Afar tribe of Africa:

Location: Are an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa, mainly in Eritrea, Djibouti and the Afar Region in Ethiopia, Africa. They are sometimes called Danakil. The Afar has acquired a reputation as a warrior tribe through the various conflicts in their region during the past century. 

Population: 290 000

Language: Afar

Neighboring Peoples:

Types of Art:

History: The Afar Danakil are the sister culture of the ancient Ta-Seti people. Whereas the Ta-Seti culture were amongst the founding branches of the eastern Bejaw or Beja People; the Ta-Antyu (Puntite) Utjenet Culture were progenitors of the Afari and Tigre cultures. 

The Land of Punt was of pivotal importance to the development of Egypt's pre-dynastic civilization and played a significant role throughout dynastic Egyptian history. 

The Utjenet and Ta-Seti cultures formed a single territory until Egypt's Second Intermediate Period when opposing cultures of Omo ethnic clans from further south and west pushed into central Sudan, separating the two branches of the Ta-Antyw. 

The Northern most branch would become the Ta-Seti whilst the Southern most populations would become the Afar.

Economy: Keeps cows, sheep and goats for meat and milk and donkeys, horses and camels for transport. A man's wealth is
assessed by how many animals he has.

Political Systems:

Religion: Mostly Moslem

Remarks: They some times use a papyrus root called burri which is mix with milk to make a porridge.

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