To Lost Friends.

In these days of strive and conflict we so easily forget, to see the humanity in our fellow humans.

To each, our life's road seem very normal, even ordinary. Yet, to others, it might seem a adventure, a dream fulfilled.
When life's road has been done, neither monument or fame could capture our name that well as the loving memory in a friend's heart.

The beauty you see in me, is na reflextion of you.

"the beauty you see in me, is a reflection of you"

You Are Not Alone.

In the darkness of the night, I feel the pain of memories gone.

Feel the sadness of love and life lost.

Faces, places, smiles and tears.

With the sunrise, new hope reborn,

Remember...You are not alone.

An sincere thank you to my brothers and sisters of the Orange and distant shores. It was an honour to serve with you.

To the Faithful of the Orange

I will quietly listen to you And
pass no judgment, Nor will your
spoken words be repeated for I will
remain ever silent, Ever vigilant,
ever loyal. And when our time
together is done And you move
on in the world, Remember me
with kind thoughts and tales,
For a time we were unbeatable,
Nothing passed among us undetected.
If we should meet again on
another street or Playa, I will gladly take
up your fight, I am a Ranger
of the San Clan and together We
are guardians of the Burn.
For the Orange. Chrigi, Ranger of the San Clan