Chobe National Park:

Botswana Wildlife Reserve.

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The famed Chobe River on the northern border of Botswana, give its name to the Chobe National Park, and the river plays an very important role in the movement and migration of wildlife between the water of the Okavango Delta and grazing lands of the Moremi, Savuti and Southern Chobe's forests.


Being nearly 11,000 square kilometres of pristine wilderness in size, the Chobe National Park is the third-largest wildlife sanctuary in Botswana. The northern boundary of the Park is the Chobe River, and in the southwest, it share open borders with the Moremi Game Reserve.


The main objective of the Chobe National Park, is the protection of this Southern African's region's large predators (lion, leopard, African wild dog and hyena), and home to the largest elephant population in Africa. Various endangered and rare antelope are also protected in this Park (Roan, Sable and Puku). Chobe forms part of the migration route for the large elephant population, which moves between Chobe in the north into the Savuti and Moremi, as well as the Okavango Delta regions.


Four main wildlife and tourism areas have been developed in the Chobe (namely: Chobe River, Savuti, Nogatsaa and Linyanthi), each section offers its own unique wildlife safari experience to visitors.

Our main focus is on the the Chobe River Front areas, as this is featured in nearly all our Botswana safaris.

Chobe elephants


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Chobe Highlights

  • Spectacular diverse wildlife viewing.

  • Largest elephant concentrations in the world.
  • The sunset cruise on the Chobe River  is considered to be one of the finest in Africa.
  • High concentration of top predators: lion, leopard, hyena and African Wild Dog.
  • Within easy travel distance from Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls.
  • Various safaris from Chobe to Savuti, the Okavango Delta and Moremi.
  • Wide range of accommodations ranging from luxury lodges to affordable campsites.
  • Many Southern African overland safaris include Chobe as part of their itinerary. 





The Chobe River Front:
The Chobe National Park was named after the Chobe river, which forms the northern boundary of the Park. The Chobe River area is diverse in vegetation, and range from green floodplain grasslands, Acacia bush and the river woodlands. One very noticeable future in Chobe is the destruction of trees and brush by the large number of elephants in this region.


One of the great tourist attractions of the Chobe river area is the large number of elephants and buffalo that frequent this section due to the ever-present water of the river and the excellent grassing it provides to all wildlife. Both elephant, buffalo and various antelope need to drink water daily, and this lead to an high density of predators that predate on various species.


Game viewing in this region along the river is excellent, and the river is also home to many crocodiles and hippos. Another future is the varied birdlife found along the Chobe River. This is one of the many reasons why an sunset cruise along the Chobe River banks is so highly recommended.


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