3 Day Etosha National Park Tour.

Etosha is considered by many wildlife experts and photographers as one of the finest and most diverse wildlife Game Reserves in Africa. 

This short tour start and ends in Windhoek, and offer an quick wildlife experience of the Etosha Park.
This 3-day Etosha safari has two accommodation style options, either comfortable bedded accommodation or tented camping.

  • Spectacular wildlife diversity of the Etosha National Park.


Affordable all-inclusive landed tented camping or room accommodated tours exploring the wildlife of Etosha

Spectacular wildlife of the Etosha National Park.

Departs every Saturday between 08H00 and 08H30 from Windhoek, and return on the Monday around 16H00.

Tented Camping Price per Person: Valid till 31 March 2017

- Priced from N$ 4,540 / EU€ 264 per person sharing.

Standard Roomed Accommodation: On request.


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Natural wildlife diversity of Namibia

On every Saturday with minimum of (2) two guests departure requirement.

Departing from Windhoek after your collection from your accommodation between 8H00 and 8H30, we start our safari by travelling north via the B2, passing towns such as Okahanja, Otjiwarongo and Outjo, before reaching Etosha's Anderson Gate. From the gate our game viewing begin, with our destination for the evening at the Okaukuejo Camp.

Etosha is regarded as one of the very best and diverse wildlife sanctuaries in Africa.

We systematically explore the many waterholes of Etosha with game drives, and even at night, there is still time to see wildlife at the flood-lighted camp waterholes.
Departing Etosha on Monday after breakfast and a early morning game drive, we begin our journey back to Windhoek, to arrive late afternoon around 16H00.


14-Day best of Namibia safari map

Etosha National Park, Namibia. The Etosha Park is one of the oldest national parks in Southern Africa, with their 100th year anniversary in 2007. Due to the very unique and diverse wildlife, the Park is considered to be one of the best wildlife viewing destinations in Africa. To bring size of  the Etosha Park in comparison and perspective: It is nearly the (22,750 km²) same size as Switzerland!

In a huge country such as Namibia (the whole western Europe and the UK will fit into it.) it is only a small part of the many conservancies and protected areas in Namibia. .

The animal diversity in Etosha compare well with other African Game Reserves, but the Big 5 animals (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) are not all present. The ecology is to dry for buffalo, who need a lot of water on a daily basis.

Interesting Facts:

The elephants found in the Etosha Park are of the biggest in the world. This due to the extremely high concentrations of calcium in both the natural water and plants. Despite their size, their tasks are small and often broken, because there is a lack of phosphorous in the plants and grasses in Etosha. Not only are the elephants of the largest in the world, but the calcium rich environment also has the same effect on other species; zebra, springbok and even the predators such as the lions and leopards.