African Safaris & Tours in Namibia, Victoria Falls, Botswana.

Gateway Africa started operations in 1987, with tours in Namibia and Botswana, with the purpose to bring the old style of affordable "out-of-Africa" safaris back to explorers.

Gateway Africa Safaris offer adventure safari travel to the best wildlife destinations in Africa, ranging from affordable small group lodge safaris to tented camping trips, tailor-made tours, and self-drive wildlife vacations.

Our Encyclopaedia Afrikana section covers an very wide range of topics relating to Africa, covering adventure wildlife tours, travel information on African countries and their history, wildlife and plants, campfire stories, tribal myths and superstitions, local art and crafts, tribes and their traditions, traditional food and medicines


  • Going on an African safari will always be part of any bucket list

    Explore Africa on a African safari tour!

  • One of the most unique Deltas in the world

    Explore the unique Okavango Delta!

  • Experience the cultures of different tribes

    Experience ancient African tribal cultures!

Namibia Tours

Affordable all inclusive Namibia safaris and tours ranging from small group vacations, tailor-made private trips to the Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei and more!

Peaceful Namibia has become a very popular safari destination due to a well developed infra-structure, low population density and diverse tourist attractions.

Namibia safaris and tours offer options ranging from budget overland camping, mid-range lodge and custom designed private tours in Namibia.

Diverse points of interest such as Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft, Namibian Okavango Delta, Etosha National Park and Fish River Canyon offer the visitor an wide range of totally different itineraries and travel options.

Gateway Africa Safaris is your experts for Namibia travel advice on small group scheduled vacation package tours and tailor-made safaris in Namibia.

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South African Safaris

South African safaris

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela and the Kruger National Park, these are famous and well-known names to most travellers to South Africa.

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, scenic beauty, vibrant cities and a spectacular range of tourists attractions. Being one of the best developed countries in Africa, private tours in South Africa is an alternative to group tours.

The Kruger National Park and many Private Game Reserves offer a wide range of malaria free safaris in South Africa.

Gateway Africa also offer all-inclusive safaris and adventure vacations, ranging from scheduled departure lodged and overland tours from South Africa, also covering Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls.

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It would be our pleasure to help you plan your adventure to visit and explore this great and fascinating continent.

Our services include consulting and booking of complete all inclusive safari packages, and private guided tours covering Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Victoria Falls.

Due to our utmost flexibility, we can Tailor-made special interest African safari tours such as overland tented camping trip or lodge safaris, geocaching, photography, luxury fly-in trips. You can expect fast and reliable advise on lodge and guesthouse accommodation, tailor made tours and scheduled small group safaris.

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Tribes of Africa

Information on tribes in Africa

Gateway Africa's Encyclopaedia Afrikana covers informationon 115 tribes in Africa, with countries and maps.

Information on tribal customs, marriage, birth, death.

How did tribal people make fire, rope, clothes, huts?

Traditional uses of medicinal plants in every-day uses by tribal people.

Some unusual foods grown and eaten by tribal people.

For the adventure traveller who always seeks a unique hidden geo-cache or two in Southern Africa.

Stories, Fables, Folk Tales

Myths, fables and stories

Read our African short stories about tribal superstitions, myths and tribal fables. Most stories are recorded as told to us, and some has been written by "Chrigi-in-Africa", ex-Ranger, Safari guide specialist, explorer, poet.

We love this contradictory continent with a deep passion, even when she some-times sadden us with her human problems.

But then she also has the ability to fill our hearts with great joy when we experience the scenic beauty of her wilderness areas and the magnificence of her wildlife.

We hope to share our love and passion for this fascinating continent on a African safari with you.

Fauna & Flora

Information on Fauna and Flora

Learn about the unique wildlife, creatures and plants found in Africa.

All information relating to the African Fauna and Flora has been collected over many years, and recorded by us, as we explored and worked all-over Africa for the past 50+ years.

The Encyclopaedia currently covers mammals, insects, reptiles, plants, birds, marine-life and everything else that make this continent so special.

To date we have more than 660 entries and still adding new information and photos on a daily basis.